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Friday, July 10, 2020

How To Get Paid By Shortening Your URLS

About link shortening

A great trend online is to shorten long, ugly URLs into shorter, more appealing ones. This is called link shortening or URL shortening. Many companies pay users to shorten links as a means of generating views to advertisements that they are promoting for others.

Payout rates for this company are among the best in the industry

Most of the time, however, the pay rates are rather low. However, I am using a company that pays out a decent rate for every 1000 links shortened by users. 

You can see below that the payout rates for North America, the United Kingdom, and other selected countries vary from fifty-nine cents to just over fourteen dollars. 

The rates for other countries worldwide is also very good. Payout rates by this company are arguably among the best in the industry.

Even better, you can also join the affiliate program and earn lifetime commissions for every person that you refer.

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Watch this video to see how link shortening works

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